Television Can Kill You

More frightening reasons why screens are taking over our personalities.
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Television Can Kill You

Post by Dry Lips » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:29 am

"Health Warning: Watching TV Can Kill You

"The peer-reviewed report, from the Melbourne-based Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, is published in the latest issue of the American Heart Association’s journal, the aptly named Circulation and has been widely reported in mainstream media around the world.

The Australian researchers spent six years tracking 8,800 people, so it is a study rich in serious data. At essence the research shows of those who watch TV for more than four hours a day, a chilling 46%, were more like to die of any cause and a full 80% were more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than people who watch less than two hours of TV a day."

Read the entire article here: ... -kill-you-
(by Robin Hague)

David Rose, in the british newspaper the Times writes that:

"Each hour spent per day in front of the television increased the risk of death from all causes by 11 per cent. It also raised the risk of dying from cancer by 9 per cent. " ... 984262.ece

The original study can be obtained here: ... 10&hits=10&

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