TV binge-watching could be sabotaging your diet

More frightening reasons why screens are taking over our personalities.
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TV binge-watching could be sabotaging your diet

Post by Gutenberg » Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:16 am

All That Binge-Watching Is Making You Understand Less About Nutrition

"In a new study published in the International Journal of Communication and Health, University of Houston researcher Temple Northup, Ph.D., found that [...] people who watch more TV had both a poorer understanding of proper nutrition and a more fatalistic view toward eating well compared to those who watched less TV."

source: ... 46004.html

The original study is called:
Understanding the Relationship Between Television Use and Unhealthy Eating -
The Mediating Role of Fatalistic Views of Eating Well and Nutritional Knowledge.

and it can be found here: ... ORTHUP.pdf

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:
"Based on mediation analysis, fatalistic views and nutritional knowledge partially mediate the relationship between television use and unhealthy food consumption. This implies that [...] the media are helping to create individuals who have a poor understanding of nutrition and adopt fatalistic views of eating healthy, which together relate to having a poor diet."
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