Netflix doesn't take away from traditional TV Viewing

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Netflix doesn't take away from traditional TV Viewing

Post by Gutenberg » Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:48 pm

"Netflix Not Cannibalizing Traditional TV Viewing"

"Despite persistent concerns that streaming services like Netflix are leading to cord-cutting, a new study shows that subscribers are still watching the same amount of TV as people in households without Netflix subscriptions.

TiVo Research and Analytics found that there was no significant difference in the amount of traditional TV viewing among TiVo subscribers who said they were also Netflix subscribers and those TiVo households without Netflix subscriptions. In other words, Netflix is not cannibalizing traditional TV viewing, according to the study.
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In other words, services like Netflix don't replace traditional television, but gives the consumers an opportunity to watch even more TV.
And it looks like cutting the cord is really just adding cords. Of those surveyed households that watch linear TV with TiVo devices, 57% subscribe to Netflix, roughly 50% use Amazon Prime Instant Video, 18% have subscriptions to Hulu Plus and 8% subscribe to all three of those services.

Some respondents even watch more on pay TV than their counterparts. Of the 18% of households who had watched Netflix's "House of Cards," 85% watched more HBO than non-Netflix homes. ... -linear-tv

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