People in the UK watching even more TV

More frightening reasons why screens are taking over our personalities.
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People in the UK watching even more TV

Post by Gutenberg » Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:52 pm

Even though the use of computers, smartphones and tablet computers have increased rapidly, people in the UK watch even more television than before. The average use of television is up to 4 hours from 3,5 hours in 2006!

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Britons own fewer TVs but watch more television, research finds
Average household has 1.83 TVs, compared with 2.3 in 2003 but viewers watch 26 minutes more TV each day than in 2006 ... s-research


10 reasons why we're watching more TV
"It's official: the average Briton now watches four hours of television a day. And it's not all down to reality TV and talent shows. So what is the new attraction?" ... ng-more-tv

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