Babies watching TV at 2 am

Raising kids with no- or low-TV.
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Babies watching TV at 2 am

Post by jlotus » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:48 pm

Does TV help babies or hold them back?
By BUZZ McCLAINSpecial to the Star-Telegram

Sharon Rechter remembers the day four years ago when a friend dropped by for lunch.

"She had one baby, two bottles, three diapers and five baby DVDs," Rechter, now 32, says. "Not having children then, I wasn't familiar with baby DVDs, and I asked her what they were. She said with kind of a straight face, 'They make my baby smarter.'"

"I said, 'How do you know?' and she said, 'Because it says so on the box.'"

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