The TV Companies are loosing ! Good news

Raising kids with no- or low-TV.
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The TV Companies are loosing ! Good news

Post by snaffler » Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:20 pm

This is the story from Digital Spy web site a pro tv website

It makes me laugh like its the end of the world or something.

I say our kids have been saved if anything.

Kids TV in crisis?

Sunday, November 12 2006, 14:08 UTC - by Joanne Oatts

"Kids TV as we know, or have known it, is under threat. With growing support for a ban of high fat, salt and sugar foods (HFSS) alongside children's programming, it looks likely that ITV will seek to reduce its children's output to compensate for the lost ad revenue. Many in the industry are worried about what this will do to kids TV in this country. But is this just a load of old fashioned television types trying to protect their jobs, resisting new media and not embracing the multi-channel market? Joanne Oatts investigates."

read more: ... risis.html


Post by Whitedot » Sat Nov 18, 2006 5:33 pm

TV is first and foremost an ADVERTISING VEHICLE. The shows are just pretty pictures and happy music that gets you to sit still so your mind can receive the advertising. If the fatty food advertising is banned, the "content" that surrounds it, like throw away styrofoam peanuts, will have to be discarded or reduced.

I love how these self-important TV folks announce that they're teaching children and "keeping the stories" of children alive for generations. If anything, they're taking away the poor kids' creativity and giving them junk-food ads as the images of their psyches.

Jean Lotus, whitedot

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