Are media creating a generation of narcissists?

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Are media creating a generation of narcissists?

Post by JuniorMan » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:32 am ... arcissists

One obvious place where young people are learning about narcissism is from popular culture. A study by the celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky, in which 200 “celebrities” (I put the word in quotes because the bar for being considered a celebrity is set very low these days) completed the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, found that they were significantly more narcissistic than the general population. Interestingly, the celebrities who actually had a talent, such as musicians, tended to be less narcissistic. Guess who were the most self-absorbed celebrities? Female reality TV stars! Not surprising that those celebrities who were famous for being famous were the most narcissistic; their narcissism drove them to become celebrities.

I've been saying this for a few years now, when you just turn on the television you will see it all over the place, as if they want to normalize narcissism to a degree that it is a majority of the society.

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Re: Are media creating a generation of narcissists?

Post by Gutenberg » Thu May 30, 2013 5:34 pm

Here is an article that highlights narcissism in relation to social media:

Are You a Social Media Narcissist? Good and Bad Ways to Love Yourself Online

Narcissus' problem was not the degree of self-regard he had, but the object of his self-regard: his image, reflected (and refracted) in the lake. Too many of us are committing the same costly mistake. We're curating social media images of ourselves. These blemish-free, idealized avatars are every bit as refracted as Narcissus' lake-dwelling alter ego. We sail further and further away from our true selves each time we polish or profiles, stretch our online resumes, or slap flattering Instagram filters on our pictures.
read more: ... a&ir=Media

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