AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing

Is the information age unleashing the Panopticon or unlocking the Doors of Perception?
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AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing

Post by Gutenberg » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:37 pm

Now your ISP also want's to track your browsing habits - to be honest this is one of the most disturbing business plans I've read about in a while:
AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing—and what you can do about it
"If you have AT&T’s gigabit Internet service and wonder why it seems so affordable, here's the reason—AT&T is boosting profits by rerouting all your Web browsing to an in-house traffic scanning platform, analyzing your Internet habits, then using the results to deliver personalized ads to the websites you visit, e-mail to your inbox, and junk mail to your front door."


“If people go to Facebook or Google or Pinterest or whatever and they search for consumer stuff, there is a common expectation that the business model is funded by ads. I think everybody recognizes that,” White said. “But when I'm at home and I go to WebMD… there is a strong expectation that my ISP is the transport layer and not trying to monetize that. I think it's very different. I think it's a very dangerous place to go when consumer websites that are ad-driven become the model our basic Internet connectivity is based on.”
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