Skype communications prove “vital” to NSA surveillance

Is the information age unleashing the Panopticon or unlocking the Doors of Perception?
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Skype communications prove “vital” to NSA surveillance

Post by Gutenberg » Wed May 14, 2014 5:21 pm

Encrypted or not, Skype communications prove “vital” to NSA surveillance

[...] "Now comes word that the National Security Agency is also able to work around Skype crypto—so much so that analysts have deemed the Microsoft-owned service "vital" to a key surveillance regimen known as PRISM.

"PRISM has a new collection capability: Skype stored communications," a previously confidential NSA memo from 2013 declared. "Skype stored communications will contain unique data which is not collected via normal real-time surveillance collection." The data includes buddy lists, credit card information, call records, user account data, and "other material" that is of value to the NSA's special source operations.
Source: ... veillance/

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