Television and Fear Programming

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Television and Fear Programming

Post by JuniorMan » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:32 am

AMAZING ... iness.html
ust turn your TV off and go to work or school or where ever Have a nice day surrounded by great people, then when you come home and on TV, it's always the same old fear based story: your neighbors could be criminals! There is murderers everywhere! Don't leave your house or you'll get shot! Don't go jogging in a marathon or you might get blown up! That last line is directed at the Boston Bombing coverage. Every channel, I cannot even get good local news, it's all terror, terror, terror.

Here's the introductory article ... -tube.html

Turning out to be a great series so far.

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Re: Television and Fear Programming

Post by Gutenberg » Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:56 pm

Hi Juniorman, and thanks for posting!

Interesting blog post. Are you familiar with George Gerbner/ Larry Gross and their so called "cultivation theory?" I recommend you to check it out!

Positive correlation between TV viewing and fear of criminal victimization.
"In most of the surveys Gerbner conducted, the results reveal a small but statistically significant relationship between TV consumption and fear about becoming the victim of a crime. The question at the start of the chapter is illustrative: Those with light viewing habits predict their weekly odds of being a victim are 1 out of 100; those with heavy viewing habits fear the risk 1 out of 10. Actual crime statistics indicate that 1 out of 10,000 is more realistic."[3]
Supporting this finding is a survey done with collegiate students that showed that there was a significant correlation between the attention paid to local crime and fear. This survey also showed a significant correlation between the fears of crime and violence and the number of times the respondents viewed television per week.[16]

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