Screen-Free Week Feedback

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Screen-Free Week Feedback

Post by TerryS » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:09 pm

Screen-Free Week Feedback

I should have posted this earlier, but here is some of the excellent feedback that CCFC received after the 2012 Screen-Free Week:
“It was WONDERFUL! We are vowing screen-free afternoons for as long as we can do it . . . fewer meltdowns and a happier family!!”
“It was refreshing. I got more sleep ( . . . and realized I am too much of a slave to staying on top of FB and Twitter) . . . . we dusted off “Clue” and “Trouble” instead of watching a movie during family time . . . the boys chatted with us (and each other) a bit more and spontaneously practiced the piano (perhaps a first . . . ). I think our younger son “detoxed” because he had fewer emotional outbursts. We did notice how “screens” are so woven into our everyday lives, and we needed to use the computer and iPad for work and research—but even this recognition was useful.”
“I’m planning on doing this at least every season! I finished so many neglected projects!”
“What a great screen-free week! I enjoyed distraction-free conversation with my family, more time outdoors, finding fun things to do in my community, and caught up on reading my Alaska Magazine. I will be seriously cutting my screen time from now on. I challenged my kindergarten class to do the same with their families and heard about the great things they are doing instead. Great week!”
“I can honestly say it was one of the most connecting weeks I’ve ever spent with my son (almost 4) since he was born. We did SO much fun stuff together. Overall, I just felt so much more in the moment than I normally find myself. And I know Lucas actually enjoyed it . . . when I told him yesterday we had come to the end of our week, he asked me if we could keep doing it. Going to try to take some of the changes we made and apply them long-term on a daily basis.”


And from the Blogosphere:
This week was “Screen Free” week, a week where families are encouraged to turn off screens and turn on life. We spent less time watching TV & more time watching things like this … ... e-wrap-up/
“There was just a lovely simplicity to it all and I was really pleased with (3-year-old) Cad’s cooperation and his grasp of why he couldn’t watch his shows. At no time did I feel like I was missing out on something or making a sacrifice. It felt refreshing and even calming to not use screens. So what does this all mean from here on out? For Cad it means that he’s got a half hour a day of screen time, total. We’ve got a timer and it’s got a magnet and a little kickstand.” ... ortem.html

Thanks CCFC for organizing such a top-notch Screen-Free Week!

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