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Anti-TV Blogs & Websites

Post by TerryS » Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:13 am

Anti-TV Blogs & Websites
(if you are feeling the urge to turn on the TV
check out these great blogs and websites instead!)


One of the very first anti-TV websites
and sponsor of this forum.

-Does TV make you smarter?

A very comprehensive website with lots of information about the negative aspects of television.

- Bowling Alone

About the book "Bowling Alone" and how
TV destroys social capital and leads to
an apathetic, anomic society.

- Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

Blog for the powerhouse Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood,
updated frequently. CCFC now runs the Screen Free Week.

- Ellen Currey Wilson – The Big Turnoff

A blog by the author of the book "The Big Turnoff", a lightheated
account of a mom weaning herself and her son off TV.

- I’m Missing All Of My Shows

The story of a TV/Broadcast Journalism major giving up her TV.

- Instead of TV

Dedicated to fun things for kids and adults to do instead of tV.

- Screen Free Week

Yearly Screen-Free week resource center.

- Television vs Children

Blog with the following excellent motto "TV is not child friendly and
parents deserve to be informed."

- TV Stinks

Entertaining Blog on living TV-Free and why TV stinks!

- Unplug the Signal ... ignal.html

"Unplug the Signal 2011 Project: Engagement of Signal Disruptors"

- Unplug Your Kids

Every week Unplug Your Kids has a theme, and then the following week
they (mom and kids) do a project based on that theme (with directions
and how-to pictures). Readers are invited to also do a project based
on that theme and link in. Very interactive and with some amazing and
excellent projects to be found here.
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Re: Anti-TV Blogs & Websites

Post by JimGoddard » Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:20 am

Thanks for this list, Terry. Very useful. I was aware of some of these sites but not of others.

I'd like to add another one, though. It is one I have just set up. is an international social networking and information site that helps non-TV users to link up locally or electronically. It also contains a lot of useful information. I've already added White Dot and other useful sites as links. Hopefully it will help all of us who are against the dominance of television to forge greater links and networks. I would encourage you and others to check it out and let me know what you think.


Jim Goddard

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Re: Anti-TV Blogs & Websites

Post by Gutenberg » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:07 pm

Good luck with your website Jim! Feel free to post updates when you add new content to your site.
(PS, I edited your post in order to make your link clickable.)

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